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Route 88 Northbound Reopens

After being closed for nearly five months, Route 88 (Library Road) northbound reopened on Wednesday at the intersection of Route 51 (Saw Mill Run Boulevard) in Overbrook,

Route 51 Lane Restrictions Near Whited Street

Single-lane restrictions will remain on Route 51 in both directions in the area of Whited Street in the Brookline and Carrick neighborhoods through approximately 8:00 PM this evening, according to PennDOT.

Lane Restrictions On Saw Mill Run Boulevard On Sunday

On Sunday, traffic on Saw Mill Run Boulevard (Route 51) will be limited to one lane in each direction in a stretch that includes Overbrook and Whitehall.

Fairhaven Road Closure

Fairhaven Road will be closed to traffic between Saw Mill Run Boulevard (Route 51) and Stewart Avenue in Overbrook through October 18 to allow crews to work on storm water inlets, PennDOT announced.

Route 51 From Stewart To Fairhaven: Single Lane Closure Repeats

Now that curb construction is complete, the northbound stretch of Saw Mill Run Boulevard (Route 51) from Stewart Avenue to Fairhaven Road will be subject to single

Single Lane Closures On Route 51 On Tuesday

Northbound drivers along Saw Mill Run Boulevard (Route 51) can expect single-lane closures from Stewart Avenue to Fairhaven Road in Pittsburgh and Whitehall on Tuesday, September 1, weather permitting, PennDOT announced.

Route 51 To Be Reduced To Single Lane Wednesday

Saw Mill Run Boulevard (Route 51) northbound will be limited to a single lane between Stewart Avenue and Fairhaven Road on Wednesday, August 19, for paving, PennDOT announced. Lane limitation and paving will happen if the weather cooperates.

Traffic Closure But Business As Usual

Route 88 (Library Road) northbound is closed at the intersection with Route 51 (Saw Mill Run Boulevard) in Overbrook, and people who usually commute using that road can expect traffic headaches during the next five months.