January 2022

New Program Helps With Overdue Water Bills

An emergency program helps low-income families in the area pay overdue water bills. Read the story

December 2021

Top Ten Read Stories Of 2021

People have been reading articles about local communities, churches, the one big fish fry in the area during the pandemic... Read the story

Christmas In The Carrick Area

Churches in the Carrick area will have special services on Christmas Eve. Through the holiday season, carols will be sung,... Read the story

November 2021

Brentwood Borough Schools

The Brentwood Borough School District is a small school district attended by students who live in Brentwood, PA. Read the story

A Legacy Of Coal Mining In The Carrick Area

Carrick and all of South Pittsburgh were built on coal mining that kept homes warm and fed Pittsburgh industry. The... Read the story

The Silver Line

The Silver Line brings commuters into downtown Pittsburgh starting from Library (South Park), traveling northward above ground through Overbrook and... Read the story

October 2021

Where To Vote

Election Day is Tuesday, November 2, 2021. Registered voters can vote for local and statewide judicial races in person from... Read the story

Illegal Dump Sites In Carrick

Illegal dumps look bad, pollute the land and water, and can force property values down. Three dozen illegal dump sites... Read the story

Trick Or Treat 2021

The Halloween forecast calls for skeletons, ghosts and cats to be seen early that night in Pittsburgh, along with kids... Read the story

Pittsburgh Public Schools District 7

Hiring a new school Superintendent and establishing the vision for public schools is the job of the Pittsburgh Board of... Read the story

Carmalt PreK-8

Carmalt PreK-8 is a Pittsburgh Public Schools (PPS) magnet school located in Brookline in South Pittsburgh. Applications open November 1.... Read the story

September 2021

Carrick Going For Back To Back Gold In The Pittsburgh Garbage Olympics

Last year at the height of the coronavirus pandemic, Carrick residents cleared trash away better than any other city neighborhood... Read the story

Brentwood Park

Residents of Brentwood, PA can get away from it all at Brentwood Park, a well-maintained, 30-acre facility that makes it... Read the story

Free Financial Counseling

People in Carrick can receive free financial counseling that has helped others who have high housing costs, minimal savings and... Read the story

August 2021

The Bricks That Built Carrick

Many older Carrick houses, mansions and commercial buildings were built with bricks manufactured in the area. Read the story

Carrick Shopping Center

Carrick Shopping Center is a local strip mall situated in the center of Carrick, Pittsburgh, PA. It is a popular... Read the story

Pittsburgh Public Schools

Learn about the Pittsburgh Public Schools that children who live in Carrick, Pittsburgh, PA attend – the usual ones and... Read the story

Brentwood Towne Square

Brentwood Towne Square is a non-enclosed mall in Brentwood, PA that has two levels of shopping and offices to accommodate... Read the story

July 2021

Ready To Fight Fires

The Carrick Fire Station – 23 Engine – in Pittsburgh, PA is staffed around the clock with firefighters who save... Read the story

Mass Transit

The Port Authority of Allegheny County operates public bus and light rail service – the T – in Pittsburgh, PA... Read the story

July 2021 Update

During July, pages have been added that focus just on Mt Oliver, Brentwood and South Pittsburgh in general. Read the story

Pittsburgh Roosevelt PreK-5

Pittsburgh Roosevelt PreK-5, a neighborhood elementary school in Carrick, Pittsburgh, PA emphasizes reading, math, science, social studies, art, music and... Read the story


Summer and the end of a pandemic provide the right time to get out of the house and enjoy a... Read the story

June 2021

The Return Of Brentwood’s Fourth Of July Celebration

Get out the chairs because Brentwood’s traditional 4th of July parade and fireworks are set for Sunday, July 4, with... Read the story

June 2021 Update

Maps have been improved. Read the story

The Blue Line

The Blue Line provides public transit from the North Shore through downtown Pittsburgh to South Hills Village via South Pittsburgh... Read the story

AHN Brentwood Neighborhood Hospital

AHN Brentwood Neighborhood Hospital provides an emergency room, diagnostic imaging, laboratory services and overnight care when needed for people who... Read the story

Point View Hotel

The Point View Hotel, which for years was an historic landmark on Brownsville Road in Brentwood, was built as early... Read the story

More Than Books At Carnegie Library — Knoxville

People can do more than read or borrow books, or get on the computer at the Carnegie Library – Knoxville.... Read the story

May 2021

May 2021 Update

It’s easier to share stories that you have enjoyed to Facebook, Twitter or the /r/Pittsburgh subreddit. Look for icons at... Read the story

Hilltop Alliance To Promote Mt Oliver Business District

During the next few months, the Hilltop Alliance will recruit new businesses to occupy open storefronts along Brownsville Road in... Read the story

Pop Up Flea Market In Carrick

Catch up with people you haven’t seen for a while, find that one item you’ve been looking for or turn... Read the story

Pittsburgh South Brook 6-8

Pittsburgh South Brook 6-8 is the middle school that Carrick children attend from sixth through eighth grades. It is located... Read the story

Baldwin Borough

Baldwin Borough, PA is a long, narrow municipality located in southern Allegheny County, PA. Baldwin shares its northwestern border with... Read the story

April 2021

Renting A House In Carrick

Carrick is a family-oriented Pittsburgh neighborhood that offers affordable, solid housing. Few houses are on the rental market at a... Read the story

St Basil Church

In its heyday, St Basil the Great Church was one of the largest parishes in the Pittsburgh Diocese. Time has... Read the story

Four Miles of Greenspace

The Saw Mill Run Valley, which borders Carrick, could become a beautiful, four-mile stretch of urban greenspace instead of being... Read the story


Brookline is an urban neighborhood in South Pittsburgh, PA. It is primarily a residential community with a business district and... Read the story

March 2021

The Day The Mine Collapsed

Homes over an underground coal mine that closed nearly a century ago were damaged in Mt Oliver Borough, PA in... Read the story

Trash Clean Ups

Picking up trash has a long history in Carrick – from spring cleanups to Tree Tenders projects to cleaning up... Read the story

Pittsburgh Carrick High School

More than 600 students attend Pittsburgh Carrick High School. It is equipped with two science labs & 21 computer lab... Read the story

St Clair

About two hundred people live in St. Clair, a Pittsburgh neighborhood situated northeast of Carrick. Read the story

Saint Norbert’s Church

For more than one hundred years, St Norbert’s Roman Catholic Church was part of the fabric of Overbrook, Pittsburgh, PA.... Read the story

February 2021


Knoxville is an urban neighborhood in South Pittsburgh. About 4,000 people live in Knoxville. Their homes are small to four-bedroom... Read the story

Food Distributions

Food is being made available to people who need it. Requirements may apply. Read the story


CoGo’s – previously Stop-N-Go – fueled the cars & bellies of Pittsburghers for more than half a century. Read the story

Mt Oliver Fire Department Fish Fry

The Mt Oliver Fire Department is holding its annual Lenten Fish Fry in 2021. It will be held from afternoons... Read the story

January 2021

Friends of Phillips Park

When Friends of Phillips Park, or FOPP, was created in 2017, some places in the park weren’t used much &... Read the story

East Agnew Avenue Water Main Break

Streets became river rapids when a 24-inch water main burst on East Agnew Avenue near Beck Run Road in Carrick,... Read the story

Seldom Seen Greenway

Seldom Seen is a greenway & small city park hidden in the Saw Mill Run Valley just west of Carrick,... Read the story

Mt. Oliver City

The Pittsburgh, PA neighborhood of Mount Oliver is located in South Pittsburgh. It is northeast of Carrick. Read the story

December 2020

Pittsburgh Railways

Pittsburgh Railways was the mass transit system in Pittsburgh, PA during the first half of the 1900s. It operated streetcars.... Read the story

Mt Oliver Borough

Mt Oliver, PA is a largely residential borough that is entirely surrounded by the City of Pittsburgh. It is located... Read the story

Saw Mill Run

When it rains heavily, Saw Mill Run rages. Read the story

Colteryahn Dairy

Technology, and changes in how people live and shop, made the dairy business innovate again and again during the 100... Read the story

November 2020

November 2020 Update

Now you can browse Carrick Extra Magazine monthly editions. Read the story

51-Carrick Bus

Carrick & surrounding neighborhoods of Pittsburgh, PA are served by multiple bus routes, most importantly the 51-Carrick bus. Read the story

Route 51 Route 88 Intersection

Construction by PennDot resolved nightmarish delays at the heavily traveled intersection of Routes 51 and 88 that plagued motorists during... Read the story

Brentwood Borough

Brentwood, PA is a small suburban borough just south of Pittsburgh. The borough borders on the Carrick neighborhood. Read the story

Carrick Tree Tenders

Carrick Tree Tenders are a loosely organized group of volunteers who trim new trees, adjust stakes so they grow straighter,... Read the story

October 2020

Hillcrest Senior Residences

Hillcrest Senior Residences is an affordable senior living complex located in Carrick, Pittsburgh, PA – at least one person in... Read the story

Saw Mill Run Boulevard

Saw Mill Run Boulevard is the Pittsburgh name for State Route 51. It is a heavily traveled road that passes... Read the story

Phillips Park

Go for a walk. Work out in a weight room. Swim. Play football, basketball or disc golf. All at Phillips... Read the story

Bon Air

Bon Air is a mountaintop neighborhood of families, single people and senior citizens located in South Pittsburgh, PA. The residences... Read the story

September 2020

Carrick Regency

The Carrick Regency is a 7-story apartment building for seniors located in Carrick. It is operated by the Housing Authority... Read the story

Disc Golf Course

Play disc golf on a hilly 9-hole, par 27 course in Phillips Park in Carrick, Pittsburgh, PA. Play it through... Read the story

Overbrook Water Main Break & Sinkhole

A 30-inch water main on Homehurst Avenue in Overbrook, Pittsburgh, PA burst in 2015, opening a sinkhole that swallowed a... Read the story

Hilltop Urban Farm

Hilltop Urban Farm is the largest urban farm in the U.S. People in Carrick and other Pittsburgh, PA neighborhoods can... Read the story

August 2020

Brownsville Road

Brownsville Road has been referred to as the spine of Carrick. It is a major road through Mt Oliver and... Read the story

Carrick Dairy District

The Carrick Dairy District is a retail shopping district being developed along Brownsville Road from West Meyers Street to West... Read the story

Circle C Group Home

It started in a exchange of words and it turned deadly. The year was 2015. Read the story


Overbrook is a neighborhood of people who live in affordable homes on tree-lined streets. Young families with children are moving... Read the story

July 2020

Carnegie Library — Carrick

The Carnegie Library – Carrick (CLP – Carrick) was transformed into more than a library when it reopened in a... Read the story

Carrick Municipal Building

The former Carrick Municipal Building is a two-story stone and brick structure. It is 29 feet wide. It was a... Read the story

Citiparks Farmers Market

Cook at home with the freshest ingredients from the Citiparks Farmers Market at the Carrick Dairy District in Pittsburgh, PA.... Read the story


Carrick is a diverse neighborhood situated in South Pittsburgh, PA. Also referred to as the Hilltop, Carrick is a family-oriented... Read the story