A handful of neighborhoods in the Hilltop are serviced by Pittsburgh Regional Transit’s 44-Knoxville bus.

44-Knoxville originates in Baldwin and runs across the Hilltop ridge, making stops in St Clair, Mt Oliver Borough, Knoxville and Allentown before pulling into South Hills Junction on its way downtown.

At South Hills Junction, connections can be made to a dozen different bus lines and the T, which is a north-south light rail system. South Hills Junction is located in Mt Washington next to Beltzhoover and doesn’t have residential access.

On weekdays, 44-Knoxville buses run about twice an hour from 5:00 AM until 7:55 AM – hours when people are headed to work. During the middle of the day, the 44-Knoxville departs Baldwin hourly. At 4:30 PM, the route moves to twice-an-hour round trips from Pittsburgh during evening commute hours. The last 44-Knoxville bus of the day leaves downtown at 11:00 PM.

On Saturday, the bus runs about every 45 minutes.

On Sundays and holidays, the line operates about every 90 minutes.

Drivers make stops only at official bus stops, which are marked. Local stops are listed on the map.

Pittsburgh Regional Transit (PRT) adjusts schedules four times a year based on passenger counts – schedule times and bus stops can change.

Fares are paid by exact change only or ConnectCard, a reusable plastic card that can be purchased at the PRT’s Downtown Service Center, Giant Eagle & other stores.

PRT is a county-owned public transit agency that operates nearly 100 bus routes that have more than 7,000 stops, the light rail line and two inclines. It is funded by fares and tax dollars.


For most of the 1900s, Pittsburgh Railways and its successor, the Port Authority of Allegheny County, operated the 44 Knoxville-Pa. Sta. streetcar from Knoxville to the Pennsylvania Station/Union Station. In the late 1960s, 44 Knoxville-Pa. Sta. was merged into 48-Knoxville.

Trolley lines were abandoned in favor of buses.

The Port Authority renamed itself Pittsburgh Regional Transit in 2022.