Advertising brings new business into your store and supports the ability of to publish more stories about the Carrick area.

Display Advertsing

When your business sponsors, your business receives:


Time Frame Monthly Investment
First three (3) months $210.00
Second three (3) months $180.00
Third three (3) months $150.00
After nine (9) months $125.00

Months must be consecutive. First month is paid in advance. Rates may change at any time. Lock in rates with a contract. Contracts are billed monthly.

A Sponsored Story is an article that promotes a business or service to people who live in South Pittsburgh. It is written by the editorial staff. Businesses use a Sponsored Story on to shape consumer attitudes towards your business. People are highly receptive to sponsored content if it is relevant, authoritative and trustworthy, and can have a positive experience with it –- for example if the article tells a story rather than simply presenting a product or service. Visitors to expect Sponsored Stories to be helpful, entertaining or both. Using it works best for established businesses looking to enhance and differentiate their image, deepen existing consumer relationships or launch extensions. Paid articles will be clearly identified as a Sponsored Story.

Here’s what a business receives:

Investment: $495.00

Please note that Sponsored Stories move down and off the front page in the normal course of other articles being added.

Business Websites

As people research online before making a local purchase, your business must be online, look great and be search engine friendly. business websites are designed to attract new customers for your business with a down-to-earth website that, at the same time, doesn’t look like every other website. It will be visually appealing so that consumers spend time scanning through it and decide to stop by your brick-and-mortar location. We’ll work with you to put the information online that you believe will help grow your businesses.

Today, more people look at websites on smartphones and tablets, which calls for a responsive approach to insure that your business website displays well regardless of the device people see it on.

With a website, consumers can find your business online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. As a result, your business will have more customers. And that is what you want, right? The price of the investment can vary based on your business website requirements. Contact us for more information about designing your new business website.