Baldwin Borough, PA is a long, narrow municipality located in southern Allegheny County, PA. Baldwin shares its northwestern border with Carrick and stretches way south of it. Nearly 20,000 people live in Baldwin. Its geography is hills, woods and a flood plain.

Children who live in Baldwin Borough attend the Baldwin-Whitehall School District. The Baldwin Borough Public Library is located at 41 Macek Drive.

Baldwin Borough offers residents two main parks – Elm Leaf and Colewood Parks – plus two neighborhood parks: Sanda Park, which has swings, a climbing wall and other equipment for playing on, and McAnulty Park.

Elm Leaf Park has an Olympic-sized pool, ball fields, batting cages, a basketball court and a fenced-in area for dek hockey. Baldwin Borough added a large, lit pavilion and a corn hole court during park upgrades in the mid to late 2010s. The pavilion is available for rental. The borough also installed a playground with new equipment and a rubberized play surface during the upgrade. Rubberized surfaces are flexible. Children tend to be injured less playing on them. Parents or caretakers can watch their kids play while sitting in one of the pavilions or using a new, lighted horseshoe court. A restroom and more parking spaces were also added. The parking is accessible.

During the same set of park upgrades, a premier soccer field was added back to Colewood Park. It offers a natural playing surface. It’s fenced in. Improvements were made to the parking lot. The park also has smaller soccer fields. The Baldwin Whitehall Soccer Association plays on the soccer fields at Colewood Park. A new playground with a rubberized surface replaced an old playground that was torn down. The park also has a walking trail, new trees planted by the Brentwood Baldwin Whitehall Shade Tree Commission, and more parking.

Having a lot of parking spaces at the main parks is important for a borough that is shaped long and narrow, like Baldwin Borough, as residents have to drive to get to their parks.

Fire fighting and EMS services are handled by independent entities: Baldwin Independent Fire Co. #1, South Baldwin Volunteer Fire Co. and Option Volunteer Fire Department, which was founded by coal miners one hundred years ago.

Baldwin EMS responds to medical emergency calls from Baldwin, Pleasant Hills, West Mifflin and Whitaker.

The Baldwin Borough Municipal Complex is located at 3344 Churchview Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15227. Departments include police, public works, and parks and recreation. The Borough is overseen by a mayor and borough council consisting of seven members.

Representation on Allegheny County Council is through District 6.

Baldwin Borough residents elect state representatives to the 36th and 38th districts, and to State Senatorial District 45.

The borough is part of U.S. Congressional District 14.


Baldwin Borough was named for U.S. Supreme Court Justice Henry Baldwin when it was incorporated in 1950. Baldwin had been a U.S. Congressman from PA. Baldwin Borough and Baldwin Township are two separate and different municipalities.

Horning is a neighborhood in Baldwin where coal miners who worked the Pittsburgh Terminal Railroad and Coal Company #4 Mine worked. In 1926, 20 miners were killed in an explosion. The mine was closed late in the Great Depression.