Residents of Brentwood, PA can get away from it all at Brentwood Park, a well-maintained, 30-acre facility that makes it easy to unwind without having to go too far.

The park has a swimming pool, stadium, baseball and softball fields, pavilions, dek hockey rink and a track. Located just off Brownsville Road, behind Brentwood Middle School & High School, Brentwood Library and Brentwood Volunteer Fire Company, the park has a lush setting with a lot of trees.

The park in Brentwood also has basketball courts, tennis courts and a playground. Athletic facilities can be rented.

The Brentwood Spartans play high school football, baseball, softball and soccer in the park. The BAA plays baseball, softball and t-ball there. They use the stadium and baseball fields.

At Halloween, children choose a pumpkin from a patch in the park to decorate with something spooky. Treat bags are provided.

Brentwood Arboretum

The Brentwood Arboretum is a beautiful collection of trees. Many trees have been there a long time. Others have been planted more recently. The arboretum is located on the grounds of Brentwood Park, the school district and the library.


The park and its swimming pool opened in the late 1920s.

A stadium, track, baseball and softball fields, tennis and basketball courts were built when veterans returned from World War Two.

The park was renovated in the 2010s after an independent committee promoted community awareness of the park and raised funds for improvements. Turf replaced grass at the stadium. New basketball and tennis courts, and a quarter-mile rubber track replaced facilities that were seventy years old. A dek hockey rink was added. New lighting was installed that is energy-efficient.


People who live in Brentwood don’t have far to go to feel like they left the suburbs behind. The park is well-maintained. There are trees, pavilions, a track to walk on and athletic facilities.

The address, for GPS, is 3501 Brownsville Road, Pittsburgh, PA, 15227.