Brentwood Towne Square is a non-enclosed mall in Brentwood, PA that has two levels of shopping and offices to accommodate the sloping geography of the area.

29 stores are listed on the Brentwood Towne Square website. Many of them are ideal for a town square:

There’s also a state liquor and wine store, franchised hair salon, nail salon, a store that sells beauty supplies, a tax preparation office, Valotta’s Tuxedo sales and rental, and offices.

It really meets the needs of the community. It is a walking community so a lot of people walk to shop there.

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Nearly 100,000 people live within 3 miles of Brentwood Towne Square, according to Echo Realty’s Market Profile Report.

Those people spend – on clothing, entertainment and household furnishings.

It’s a busy center. Coronavirus pandemic aside, the parking lot can become congested.

Still, the shopping center has seven vacant storefronts plus available office space.

Think of it as Caste Village only less interesting.

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The Brentwood Post Office is located at Brentwood Towne Square. It serves the 15227 zip code. The postal address for the town square is 600 Towne Square Way, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, PA 15227. It is situated along Brownsville Road at Saw Mill Run Boulevard.