Play disc golf on a hilly 9-hole, par 27 course in Phillips Park in Carrick, Pittsburgh, PA. Play it through twice for a full 18 holes. The course has challenging short holes, long pins that stretch the length, and elevation changes. It may be the best 9-hole course people will ever toss a disc at.

Disc golf is a competitive game that is played with similar rules to golf. The difference is that a flying disc – a Frisbee – is thrown from a tee area towards a disc golf basket. The disc is thrown again and again until it lands in the basket. A central pole holds the basket under hanging chains that are intended to deflect the flying disc towards the basket. Like golf, the number of tries to land the disc in the goal is kept track of. The player with the lowest score wins. The game is sometimes called folf.

The disc golf course at Phillips Park in Carrick is a permanent fixture on a grassy hillside that provides a good elevation for playing the game. The tees are concrete and the signage is good – both were added in an Eagle Scout project. Much of the course is bordered by a park path – something to keep an eye on. Mature oak and cherry trees enhance the park atmosphere to give the course character. The view overlooking the city is beautiful. With houses nearby, it’s easy to lose a disc in someone’s yard.

The disc golf course was decent. It’s a small 9 hole course that’s positioned on a hill side and basically runs in a loop just in the one particular area of the park. … The course is pretty easy, but with plenty of trees to pose as obstacles and make it interesting.

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The disc golf course was built in 1996 by Pittsburgh Carrick High School students who belonged to the Frisbee Club. The school is nearby. Teachers designed the course and helped build it. It’s a public course with no fees. Water and bathrooms are available at the Recreation Center. Limited parking is available. The location is 201 Parkfield St, Pittsburgh, PA 15210.