Go for a walk. Work out in a weight room. Swim. Play football, basketball or disc golf. All at Phillips Park in Carrick, Pittsburgh, PA.

Phillips Park is operated by Citiparks, which provides a recreation center with indoor and outdoor sporting activities, crafts and educational programs year round. After school, children play games, do arts and crafts, and play basketball. Citicamps is available in the summer. The weight rooms can be used for $5 per month. 

This park has potential, I’ll give it that much.

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A 9-hole disc golf course can be played in the park. Disc golf is like golf, except a disc is thrown, like a Frisbee.

Walking paths are available. The views are excellent. One path follows the contour of the disc golf course.

At the Phillips Park swimming pool, people can learn to swim or join a swim team. A water aerobics class is available.

People can stream their park activities on free WiFi. It is made available by Comcast. People who aren’t Comcast customers are limited to two one-hour sessions a month.

Friends of Phillips Park promotes activites at the park & works to preserve it.

Citiparks is the everyday name for the Pittsburgh Department of Parks and Recreation. Across the city during the summer, Citicamps runs recreation centers, outdoor pools, football, basketball and tennis courts, and food and other programs for children.

Urban parks, like Carrick’s Phillips Park and other Citiparks facilities, offer recreation opportunities and green space to people who live in cities in the U.S. Urban parks typically offer playgrounds, picnic areas, walking or running paths, facilities to play sports, water fountains and rest rooms. They’re generally maintained by cities.


Phillips Park started as a trolley park with roller coasters, merry go rounds and vaudeville acts – situational comedy performed on stage. Vaudeville was popular in America before TV and radio. The park – then known as Dilly’s Grove, Southern Park and Carrick Park – was at one time the last stop on the trolley from Pittsburgh. The park was named after John Phillips, an industrialist and conservationist who donated trees and a swimming pool for the park, and started Boy Scouts in PA.

Trolley parks offered Americans recreation areas at the end of a trolley, or streetcar, line for picnics. Dances and concerts were offered at pavilions. Merry go rounds, swimming pools and Ferris wheels were common at trolley parks. Fireworks brought out even more people. Trolley parks were built by trolley line companies so people would pay to ride the trolley on weekends. A hundred years ago there were up to 2,000 trolley parks across America.

Citiparks facilities, including the rececreation center and swimming pool at Phillips Park, were closed during the coronavirus pandemic of 2020. The KidsSMART program – an after school program for third, fourth and fifth graders – moved online.

Phillips Park is situated between Brownsville Road and Route 51. It is near Pittsburgh Carrick High School. The street address is 201 Parkfield Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15210.