Pittsburgh South Brook 6-8 is the middle school that Carrick children attend from sixth through eighth grades. It is located in Brookline.

Teachers instruct students in English, mathematics, science and social studies as part of a comprehensive middle school program. Communications is also taught. The curriculum is rounded out with classes in art, music, musical instruments, health and physical education.

South Brook offers a science lab, three computer lab classrooms, an art lab, music lab, library, gym and cafeteria.

Learning support is offered to students who need it, including people with a limited English background. There’s a literacy coach and a program for gifted students. The school has an Emotional Support classroom. The district partners with Familylinks to help students who aren’t thriving in a traditional school setting.

South Brook promotes academic achievement, good attendance, citizenship, honesty and responsibility through the Titans Involved In Taking Action Now program. The title of the program is a recursive acronym – TITAN. Students who meet the program’s criteria are rewarded with Titan Tickets that can be exchanged for gift cards, added privileges at lunch or school spirit clothing.

Intramural and interscholastic sports at South Brook include volleyball, soccer, basketball, cross country running and wrestling. There’s a dance team, majorettes and cheerleading. Students can play in the band or sing in the chorus. Students can work on a newspaper or yearbook. Student Council and National Junior Honor Society are available.

The school’s primary way to engage with parents and others in the community is the Parent School Community Council (PSCC), which meets monthly. Topics include grading, homework, the school’s attendance policy and student learning deficits. During the coronavirus pandemic of 2020/2021, meetings were moved online, and topics shifted to online learning expectations, Microsoft Teams and pandemic-related social and emotional issues like combating stress during a pandemic. Meeting are open to the public.

During the coronavirus pandemic, Pittsburgh Public Schools shut down and shifted to remote learning. Schools reopened in April 2021 on a hybrid plan. Some students continued to learn remotely.

Early in establishing an American educational system for children, public schools found models that worked well for grade school and high school. The gap between them was bridged with junior high schools that didn’t always work so well as students after fifth grade begin to need more academic independence, have growing intellectual abilities and need teachers who specialize in subject areas. Across the country, the junior high model gave way to middle schools, like Pittsburgh South Brook 6-8, where students move among classrooms, may be offered electives and their grades become part of their official transcript.

More than 300 students attend Pittsburgh South Brook 6-8. It’s a South Pittsburgh neighborhood school – students come from Carrick, Bon Air, Brookline or Overbrook. Nearly two-thirds receive services through Temporary Assistance for Needy Families, Medicaid or Food Assistance. After eighth grade, they move onto Pittsburgh Carrick High School.

The Pittsburgh Federation of Teachers represents teachers, paraprofessionals, technical staff and clerical workers at Pittsburgh Public Schools, including those at South Brook.

Pittsburgh South Brook 6-8 is located near West Liberty Elementary, Pittsburgh Pioneer Education Center, Moore Greenway and Moore Park. South Brook’s street address is 779 Dunster St, Pittsburgh, PA 15226.