Learn about the Pittsburgh Public Schools that children who live in Carrick, Pittsburgh, PA attend – the usual ones and the special magnet schools.

On August 10, 2021, Pittsburgh Public Schools moved the start of the school year from August 25 to September 8. The change allowed more time to find enough school bus drivers and locate enough buses with seats to hold all the children on their way to and from school.

The district partners with Familylinks to help students who aren’t thriving in a traditional school setting.

Magnet Schools

Pittsburgh Public Schools operates magnet schools – schools with specialized courses. Students can qualify regardless which public school they would otherwise attend.

Children get a better shot at being selected for a magnet school if they attended PreK, if a sibling attends the magnet school, if they’re continuing a program track or their family is economically disadvantaged, writes A+ Schools, a nonprofit organization working to make sure every child in Pittsburgh gets a high-quality education. Applications for the magnet school lottery for the next school year close in early December.


Pittsburgh Online Academy is an online-only school that local school children can attend. Students can take Advanced Placement (AP) coursework and exams. AP offers college-level learning. Online students are eligible for Pittsburgh Promise, which provides Pittsburgh Public School grads scholarships for college, or a trade or technical school.

Board Of Education

Pittsburgh schools are overseen by an elected board with nine members. Each member represents a geographic region of the city. Pittsburgh Carrick High School is in District 7, which covers Carrick, other Hilltop neighborhoods, Overbrook, part of Brookline, Southside Flats and Southside Slopes.

Schools located in District 7 include Pittsburgh Roosevelt PreK-5, Pittsburgh Concord PreK-5, Pittsburgh Phillips K-5, Pittsburgh Arlington PreK-8, Pittsburgh Carrick High School and Pittsburgh Online Academy.

Following the 2021 general election, a new board member will take the District 7 following the departure of a retired teacher from the board.

School that Carrick children may attend that are located in District 6 include Pittsburgh South Brook 6-8 and Pittsburgh Carmalt PreK-8.

Board members serve without pay.


Teachers are represented by the Pittsburgh Federation of Teachers (PFT). The PFT represents more than 3,000 teachers, paraprofessionals, technical staff & clerical workers at Pittsburgh Public Schools.

Along with bargaining for higher wages and benefits, the PFT works for smaller class sizes and workplace protections.


Most local children will attend Pittsburgh Roosevelt or Pittsburgh Concord, South Brook and Carrick High School. Other may attend Carmalt, CAPA, the Pittsburgh Science & Technology Academy or even the school district’s Online Academy. The future of their schools can be shaped by the new District 7 board member to be elected in November.