Carrick is a family-oriented Pittsburgh neighborhood that offers affordable, solid housing. Few houses are on the rental market at a given time. Renting a house in Carrick calls for a lot of looking and a sprinkle of luck.

Check off a list of what the community must have. Local public schools include Carrick High School. Phillips Park and Volunteers Field are handy. Carnegie Library – Carrick is state of the art. Plots can be rented at Hilltop Urban Farm to create a vegetable garden. Brownsville Road has a supermarket, hardware stores, hair salons and many small shops, and continues into a business district in Brentwood. The 51-Carrick bus travels Brownsville Road every five to ten minutes through the day.

Write a list that is specific to the house. How many bedrooms and bathrooms are needed? Does it have to come with a stove, refrigerator, washer and dryer? Is there a pet? How big does the back yard have to be?

Carrick is affordable. Still, figure out how much can actually be afforded. People are encouraged not to spend more than 30% of their gross income on housing. Housing expenses include rent and anything else a home renter is expected to handle – for instance, utilities, tools to maintain the yard or shovel the walk, often a washer and dryer, and renters insurance.

Landlords have added their listings to home rental websites, which also show additional listings from other rental websites. As a result, those websites offer fairly complete lists of houses that are available to rent. Listings are usually broken out by zip code. The 15210 zip code covers many neighborhoods. With a map, people can focus on Carrick. Many of the housing rental websites listed below have apartments, town homes and houses. Use their filters to search for houses only. Some charge to apply to rent a house. Many verify listings before they’re posted.

Most of the houses listed for rent in the 15210 zip code were in Arlington, the South Side Slopes and Allentown, with a handful in Carrick. It could be the same few houses for rent in Carrick are shown on all the sites, as many of them share listings.

Armed with a short list of possible homes to rent in Carrick, tour them. During the inspection, questions should be asked – who’s responsible for what? What if the toilet becomes plugged? Is it pet friendly? And the other questions that were written down before starting to look for a house to rent. When all the questions have been answered satisfactorily, it may be time to sign the lease and move in.