About two hundred people live in St. Clair, a Pittsburgh neighborhood situated northeast of Carrick.

The St. Clair neighborhood is a residential community with one church & no stores or other commercial businesses. It is near the Phillip Murray Playground in Mt. Oliver City. Children attend Pittsburgh Public Schools.

Brownsville Road is a short drive away. Walking to Browsville Road passes through Mt Oliver City.

The Carnegie Library Of Pittsburgh – Knoxville is located on Brownsville Road.

For mass transit, the 44-Knoxville runs across the Hilltop ridge. After stopping in St Clair, it makes stops in Mt Oliver, Knoxville and Allentown on its way downtown. For a wider variety of bus destinations, residents can take the 51-Carrick bus, which travels nearby Brownsville Road frequently through the day. The 51-Carrick operates inbound to the South Side, Station Square & downtown Pittsburgh, and outbound to Brentwood & West Mifflin.

The Hilltop Alliance embraces St Clair, ten other hilltop Pittsburgh neighborhoods & Mt Oliver Borough. The alliance analyzes challenges faced by people who live on the hilltop, studies the resources available to address those challenges and works to improve the quality of life in the Hilltop.

A full-time construction manager allows code compliance projects to happen in St Clair, along with Knoxville and Mt Oliver Borough, as part of the Hilltop Alliance’s Property Stabilization Program. The program helps low-income homeowners keep their homes in compliance with city housing codes. Keeping homes in good repair helps to stabilize communities with abandoned properties and foreclosures.

Hilltop Urban Farm – the largest urban farm in the U.S. – is situated in St Clair on the former St Clair Village. 23 acres of farmland are being developed to address food insecurity in hilltop communities. Pittsburghers can rent small plots of land to grow their own vegetables and fruits.

Adults who live in St Clair elect representatives to City Council District 3, County Council District 11, the 36th State Representative District, State Senate District 42 & the 18th U.S. Congressional District.

Police are dispatched from the Zone 3 police station.

Fire Stations 22 (Arlington) & Engine 23 (Carrick) are part of Battalion 4.


St Clair was originally part of Lower St Clair Township. It was annexed by Pittsburgh in 1920.

Coal Road, used to transport coal out of mines located in the South Hills and South Pittsburgh, passed undernearth St Clair.

In the early 1950s, the Housing Authority of the City Of Pittsburgh built St Clair Village. It was a 556-unit public housing project. The housing complex was demolished in the late 2010s.