Carrick Shopping Center is a local strip mall situated in the center of Carrick, Pittsburgh, PA. It is a popular place for people to meet. It has been part of Carrick for more than sixty years.

The shopping center has four restaurants:

Other businesses are located in the Carrick Shopping Center:

The shopping plaza has 200 free parking spaces. Metered parking is available along Brownsville Road.

Nepali Asian Restaurant, Family Dollar and Pinnacle Tire & Auto Service are next door. The Carrick Regency is across the street.

Down Parkfield Street are Carrick High School and Phillips Park.

The 51-Carrick & 51L-Carrick buses provide service to Carrick Shopping Center frequently through the day – every five to ten minutes in the morning and afternoon, 6 times an hour mid days, and about every half hour in the evening. Weekends and holidays, the local buses run two to three times an hour.

Meeting Place

Having fast food restaurants that are centrally located in Carrick lends itself to people getting together.

For many years, Carrick Community Council has organized regular cleanups that gather at Carrick Shopping Center & spread out from there. In 2018, Urban Hike organized a hike through Carrick. Urban Hike takes 3-mile to 5-mile-long hikes through different Pittsburgh neighborhoods.


A funeral home was torn down to build Carrick Shopping Center in the mid 1950s. When the shopping plaza opened, it was anchored by a Kroger supermarket. People went shopping there by driving, walking or taking a Pittsburgh Railways streetcar. Trolleys to Carrick operated from the South Side up South 18th Street and along Brownsville Road as far as the Brentwood Loop.

Kroger left the Pittsburgh market during a labor strike in the 1980s. The former Kroger location was occupied by Buy Wise, a discount supply store, and a series of drug stores – Pittsburgh-based Thrift Drug, Eckerd and Rite Aid.


More than sixty years after it was the shiny new shopping plaza, the Carrick Shopping Center has businesses used by people who live in the area, most notably fast-food type restaurants.

The Carrick Shopping Center is located at 2134 Brownsville Road, Carrick, Pittsburgh, PA 15210, at the intersection with Parkfield Street.